Pure Fish Food Guarantee

Fishalicious Provides Exact Percentages Of Crude Protein, Fat, Fibre And Moisture Per Portion

With NO Additives Or Fillers

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Top 3 Fish Food Problems

You own beautiful tropical fish that have the potential to be as vibrant and colourful as a Picasso painting. You’ve spent tons of money building the perfect aquarium – now you want to make sure you’re feeding your fish the best food they can get.

Fish food with low protein, high moisture, and filler can cause these problems:

1. Unbalanced pH levels — if the pH levels in your tank aren’t correct, your fish will grow sickly. The pH levels in your tank get affected by:

  • Foods with high moisture
  • Foods with additives
  • Uneaten foods that sit in the tank


2. Overfeeding — some foods are hard to measure out (and aren’t even meant to be used as the primary food source). If you overfeed your fish, they won’t survive long. You can clog your tank and suffocate them! Overfeeding causes these issues:

  • High ammonia and nitrate levels – when food sits in the tank and isn’t eaten, it breaks down into ammonia and nitrate which is very toxic to fish.
  • Algae growth – food particles that sit in your tank eventually cause algae to bloom. The presence of algae not only affects pH levels, but your fish is privy to


3. Fin Rot — are you wondering how some fish get a ragged, moth-eaten appearance? When fish become stressed, their fins begin to decompose and rot. And what’s the leading causes of stress? Bad diet and overfeeding!

How Fishalicious Food Benefits Your Fish

The food you’re feeding your fish doesn’t seem to be affecting them in the way you want – their colours are dull, they’re sluggish, and they’re not growing much. You were told that they’d grow a lot more than they have!

When you feed your fish pure, unadulterated fish food like ours, you get these 3 benefits:

  • Sharp, vibrant colours
  • Accelerated growth
  • Unadjusted pH levels due to low water content


An Organic Meal For Your Fish

(Say No To ‘Fast-Food’ Fish Food)

Our Pure Fish Food Guarantee ensures you get a product untainted with filler.

It’s difficult to find fish food that hasn’t been corrupted with additives. Did you know that it’s not legally required to list all fish food percentages (like protein and fats) on the package? Crazy!

Our product packages always state:

  • Exact product weight (packaging weight isn’t included!)
  • All percentages for:
  • Crude protein
  • Crude fat
  • Crude fibre
  • Moisture

We never use additives in our fish food.

Fishalicious Products

All our fish food is from its natural source – from Vancouver Island, Antarctica, and China. Take a look at our Products Page for more in-depth information and package sizes.

Frozen Krill

Krill is perfect to use for your fish’s main diet. Not only does it drastically improve the colours of your fish, but it also pairs wonderfully with our supplementary fish food.

Frozen Shrimp

Both kinds of shrimp we sell (Mysis and Brine) are harvested off China’s coast.

Shrimp isn’t meant to be the only thing in your fish’s diet. They’re so packed with protein that it’s very easy to overfeed your fish with them.

Frozen Bloodworms

Bloodworms are a nice snack for your fish. They aren’t as protein dense as Brine or Mysis Shrimp, but they’re an excellent supplement.